Claudettes are left to right Karen Mallum, Becky Bogaczyk, Lori Lahti, Bridget Grotberg Andrea Harrison, Cindy Franck, Joyce Gayan and Angie Lauzon.

Their 5th Christmas show features Claudettes Becky Bogaczyk, Joyce Gayan, Bridget Grotberg, Cindy Franck, Andrea Harrison, Angie Lauzon, Lori Lahti, and Karen Mallum. Angie Lauzon also provided choreography for part of the opening number. Special guests are magician Dennis Bolton and Tick and Tock. This year’s production is dedicated to the Claudettes dear friend, Ray Crenna. Choreographer for the show is Claudia Panosso and musical director is Dan Mykkanen.

Dance groups in this production include a new children’s dance troupe with choreography by Becky Bogaczyk, featured dancers are: The Von Drake Dancers the Ironwood Dance Company lyrical and ballet and 16 Santa Dancers.

Vocalists include: Cynthia O’Brien, Jenny Grewe, Paige Wendt, Darian Jokala, Denise Schroder, Tiffany Romans, Betsy Wesselhoft, Nicole Oie, Marla Powers, Mary Hilgendorf, Curtis Burdette and Father Daryl Pepin.