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Following is the list of those reunion invitations returned as undeliverable....

     Leila Milavetz Schwartz
     Judy Ruby Greiten
     Jay Fleischbein 
     Donna Eifolla Spigarelli
     John Suzik
     Sandra Liimakka Pardue
     Lynn Sher Flagg
     Gladys Soderman Rock
     Fred Strom

If you are one of these people or you know about someone on this list, please contact Larry Hopkins with up-to-date info.

Recent Obituaries:

Nancy Moren Jacobson Passed away on April 7, 2022. Here is a link to her obituary in the Daily Globe.

Louis Miklesh passed away on September 26, 2021. Here is a link to his obituary in the Daily Globe.

Note about this web site from Larry Hopkins:
I created this site and have been editing it and hosting it for somewhere around 22 years. Should something bad happen to me the site would go dark as soon as the hosting company couldn't charge my credit card. Right now (April 16, 2022) I find myself 2 years into battling metastatic prostate cancer and have no idea as to the long term outcome. THEREFORE I would like to find someone to provide continuity, perhaps the child or grandchild of one of my classmates. Anyone with an idea or who is interested, feel free to contact me.

Red Devils no more! The Ironwood, Bessemer and Wakefield-Marinesco School Boards have all agreed to consolidate football into the Gogebic Miners. THe team's colors will be green and white and the team will be a member of the WestPAC Conference. The consolidation follows several years of declining participation in football at both the varsity and J.V. levels. Home games will be rotated between the three high school football fields. Breaking News - the consolidation is breaking up as per the Daily Globe (December 2020) - further deails later.

Midgets no more! The Hurley School Board decided that the long-standing mascot, name and logo were pejorative and voted to change the name to the Hurley Northstars. This caused a great deal of rancor within the community and more than one pair of childhood friends have stopped speaking to one another; being on opposite sides of the debate. Nevertheless, the change has been made.

The Viet Nam Era LLW Site

It is sadly discontinued, at least for now. The list-master, Ed. Estola, is working on his commercial pages and can't devote the time to maintain it. We hope that it will resurface soon. There is, however, a very informative site about the history and genealogy of the Gogebic Range. Check out mattsonworks.com